as if the laws

were malleable



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Acrylic Moses

Five Books of Moses sealed in acrylic paint. 1995

Bible battery

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Bible, sal ammonium, zinc, carbon rods, copper wire, LED, button.

A bible is used to generate a current that powers a small LED screen. When a small button is pushed, text scrolls along the screen that reads, "Move past old narratives". 2001

Bible Rorschachs

Small pieces of paper pulp are dried, digitally altered and printed as a set of 10 Bible Rorschach cards. Project comes from research into the life of Hermann Rorschach and his interest in religion and projection, and the popular 19th century game of Blotto, where people would buy or make their own inkblots and then use them to make up poems and stories. 1995-1998


Five Books of Moses are individually soaked, chewed and bitten. 1994


The Hebrew and Christian bibles are soaked, pulped and pressed together. 1993


Bible soaked, twisted into into long strands and braided together. 1994


The Torah and The Qur'an, each branded with the word life: The Torah in Arabic and The Qur'an in Hebrew. 2003

Canned Moses

Five Books of Moses blended into pulp & pressure canned. 1993

Canned Testaments

Bible blended into pulp & canned under pressure. 1993

Cast under stones

Bible, stones, resin. 2001


Five Books of Moses, pulped and stuffed into a corner. 1994


Hebrew Bible. 1994

Deep fried

Deuteronomy dipped in egg, coated in matzo meal and deep fried in kosher oil. 2001

Drilled I

Hebrew Bible, drill press. 1992

Drilled II

Segments extracted from the Hebrew Bible. 1993


Hebrew Bible, honey, glass box. 2001


Five stories of victory from the Hebrew Bible. 1994

Glass Testaments (The bible makes perfect forms)

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Bibles are used to shape molten glass into the most perfect forms. In collaboration with glass artist, John Leighton. 1998


Bible, soaked and gripped. 1994

Gulf War Chronicle

Bible wrapped with elastic bands from San Francisco Chronicle, every day of the Gulf War. 1991


Hebrew Bible covered with the artist's hair. 1992

Hoist on its own petard

Bible soaked in water and sealed by its own glue. 1995

Holy "I"

Bible, gold leaf. 1993

House of cards

Five Books of Moses, pulped, pressed and balanced. 1993


Leviticus. 1993


Hebrew Bible koshered according to Jewish law. 1993


Hebrew Bible bearing the imprint of body parts. 1995


Bible, nails. 1992

Neutered Genesis

Genesis, cotton sacks. 1993


Interactive game where players enter their religion and gender, and then enter written descriptions of images they see on the screen. All entries are stored in a database. Once players complete the series, they can view all players' interpretations by gender and/or religion. Images in PlayBlotto! are generated from small pieces of pulp from the Old Testament, scanned and resized.

PlayBlotto! is an early interactive game influenced by the psychoanalytic research of Hermann Rorshach and his use of inkblots to reveal personality characteristics. Rorschach wrote about his "form interpretation experiment" in Psychodiagnostics, a book he published in 1921. The system is now known as the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

Software: Director, Lingo. CD-ROM version. 2002


Bible, pressboard, nuts, bolts. 1991

Pure forms

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Isaiah shaped by hand into the most perfect forms. 1994

Remembering Kristallnacht (and bombs worn by people crossing public streets, buses blowing up or being driven into crowds of bystanders, while children are shot, houses destroyed and people, fearing the other, look for the face of the enemy and wait for the next outbreak of violence) now, after 50 years

Bible embedded in broken glass. 2001

Rended Genesis

Genesis torn and hung on a line.1993

Rended Ruth

Story of Ruth torn and sewn. 1992

Rending, or the Keriah, is a tearing of clothes, which is done to indicate a state of mourning. Following the mourning period, the torn cloth can be sewn but the seam of the tear must always remain visible.

Rended in resin

Five Books of Moses rended, then cast in resin, 1992


Five Books of Moses soaked in water for one week, then drained and rolled, 1995

Rubbed until "peace" appeared

Made in response to a massacre in the Hebron. In the West Bank city, Tomb of the Patriarchs, on Purim in 1994, Baruch Goldstein stormed a mosque and fired on praying Muslims. Twenty-nine people died. The Tomb of the Patriarchs is a holy site for both Muslims and Jews.

The book was soaked for 29 days, drained, randomly opened and rubbed, until 'peace' appeared. 1994

Safe Testament

Bible, liquid latex. 1992

Safe Moses

Five Books of Moses, liquid latex. 1993

Scratched and probed

Bible soaked for one week, randomly opened, and scratched and probed by hand. 1994


Bible, muslin, thread. 1994

Splattered (the law takes the form of the place where it lands)

Bible pages are made into pulp, shaped into small balls, and thrown against a wall. Each ball sticks to the surface of the wall on contact. 1995


Psalms, liquid latex. 1993

Tarred & feathered (no image sadly)

Bible, tar, feathers. 1994

The spine of the bible walking uphill

Hebrew Bible. 1994

The spine of the bible freed from the weight of its pages

Hebrew Bible. 2001


Bible cast in clear resin. 1995


Bible, vise. 1992


Bible, wire. 1992

Wrung dry

Bible soaked in water for 7 days, and on the 8th day, wrung dry. 1994